You are standing in front of a house with a boarded up front door. There is a mailbox next to you.

You open the mailbox. As a gorgeous rainbow streams out and stains your jeans with its colored paint, you realize that you’ve just embarked on an adventure that you’ll come to regret, should you survive its many twists and turns…like the shadowy figure suddenly peeking out at you from that second story window!

As you approach the house, the figure fades from view, replaced by an patterned curtain of no significance. But when you reach the front door a slip of paper slips out of the mail slot, drifting lazily to your feet.

It reads “What have you done?” in an ominous tone, or so you guess. You turn it over to squint at a curious photo, of someone oddly familiar, wearing the current outfit you’re wearing and climbing a tree in someone’s backyard. Naturally assuming that it’s of this house you’re standing before, you make your way around the house to confirm. And sure enough you find yourself standing beneath what looks to be the same tree, with step grooves etched carefully into its trunk.

You don’t like being baited into predictable behavior, but your curiosity is much too strong. You decide to climb the tree. When you reach the position of the figure in the photo, you discover the perfect vantage into a second-story window.


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