List of past publications:

 The Radvocate – The Request (8/23/2017)
After Happy Hour Review – The Factory (5/1/2017)
Flytrap Uprising – Jubilation! (11/6/2016)
Eelain – Meeting the Maker (7/16/2016)
Culture Cult Magazine – Dinner Party (6/17/2016)
Apocrypha and Abstractions – Balanced (6/6/2016)
Sleet Magazine – Manners (6/6/2016)
The Corner Club Press – Fitting In (2/1/2016)
Rocky Mountain Revival – To Be Nice (10/30/2015)
King of Ages – The Trek (8/5/2015)
A Quiet Courage – On the Subject of Pants (8/2/2015)
The Ignatian Literary Magazine, Volume 27 – The 999th (4/30/2015)
Snapping Twig – Both of Me (4/4/2015)
WitchWorks, Volume 1 – Exit Signs (3/14/2015)
After the Pause – Medley (3/1/2015)
Buck Off Magazine – Peace on Earth (10/26/2014)
The Screech Owl – The Glitch (9/25/2014)
Hello Horror – Muse (8/25/2014)
Foliate Oak – That Patch of Grass
Home Planet News – Programmable Hubby Talk
Nerve Cowboy – Newcomer
Ancient Paths Literary Magazine – The Favor
Garden Gnome Publications – Children
CC&D Magazine – Epic
Anguilar Expression – Deny the Fluff

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