Leadership Index

Step 1: Create a list of 10 key enemies in your life, ranked from mild antagonist to lifelong arch-nemesis. Assign corresponding numerical value to each enemy on your list.

Superman Example:
1.Street thug #368
2.Mob boss #184

9.General Zod
10.Lex Luther

Step 2: Removing all logistics, think of one impactful accomplishment that:
1. Would matter enormously to you on a personal level
2. Would benefit all of humankind over the long term, instead of the short term
3. Would be granted extensive international media coverage, should it be accomplished.
If you can’t think of anything which satisfies all three criteria, then give yourself a 0 and skip to step 5

Superman Example: Reversing climate change

Step 3: Set a baseline by taking mildest antagonist in your list. Pretend that you’ve successfully completed your chosen accomplishment, by yourself and yourself alone. Then consider whether you’d be would be willing to give up all credit for that accomplishment to your antagonist, in perpetuity, with no possibility of ever correcting the mistaken perception.
If you answer NO, then give yourself a score of 0 and skip to step 5.

Step 4: If you answer YES, then divide the numerical assignment of that antagonist by 10, then move on to the next person in your list. Repeat the assessment and calculation, while retaining the highest value between the newest value and all previous value(s) calculated thus far.
If at any point you answer NO, then retain your highest calculated value and move on to Step 5.

Step 5: The value that you have at this point your official Leadership Index. Feel free to add it to your resume.

Superman Example: Superman would give credit for reversing climate change to anyone so long as the world remains safe, so he gets a full 10/10 = 1.
President Trump Example: 0 for multiple reasons.


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