The Sting Rebooted

2001: a disillusioned Democrat decides to clean out the swamps of Washington by playing the ultimate long con. He recruits a ragtag gang of misfits to lay the foundations for an alt-right campaign…to win the presidency.

2016: Bolstered by shady backdoor promises to remove those pesky environmental/financial regulations currently hampering disgruntled billionaires from joining the trillionaires club, they gain enough support and momentum, to actually win.

Immediately the gang launches into act two of their con. They actually follow through on all of their campaign promises, but in the most ridiculous/controversial/hostile way known to mankind. The entire nation notices in a way that they wouldn’t have under other circumstances, and rally together to knock out each of his executive orders. In the process they form a new Utopian world order that is essentially inclusive, peaceful, eco-friendly, and un-corruptible by the instinctive greed of human nature.

End scene shows the ex-president after his impeachment proceeding, packing up in the Oval Office. His senior advisor enters with a knowing look and asks “You’re not gonna stick around for your share?” Ex-president looks up with an equally knowing look and says “Naah. I’d only blow it bigly,” then walks out to end credits and a tearful advisor. Fade to black.


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