Time is fictional. The concept is nothing more than then a series of transitions from one state to another, whether it be the tick of a clock hand or the graying of a hair. When taken in combination with the method in which the visuals or effects of that specific transition expands to its environment, that’s where you get the concept of time’s existence. Which is a figment of your imagination.

And if this is a valid argument, then perhaps the true definition of time, as you know it, is your own interpretation not of how, but of why each and every object or person surrounding you is constantly shifting, from state to state, like a restless bowl of gelatin. Why is your coffee pouring into that cup? Why is that flying bird smacking into your window? Why is your lamp floating across the room for no apparent reason?

Then to find one, singular response which answers all of these questions simultaneously, is to uncover the transition of “you of before” to the “you of after”, with the difference being a slightly better understanding of the passage of time. And possibly space and existence and eternal life as well.


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