At Home.
Son: Mashum!
Papa: What’s that?
Son: Mashum.
Papa: You want to eat mushrooms?
Son: No, no. Mashum!
Papa: I don’t understand.
Son: Mashum mashum!
Papa: Uh…
Son: Mashum mashum mashum waaaaaa!!

At Daycare.
Son: Mashum!
Daycare buddy 1: Mashum!
Son: Mashum!
Daycare buddy 2: Mashum mashum!
Daycare buddy 3: Mashum!
Son: Mashum mashum.
Daycare buddy 4: Mashum. Mashum.
Son: Friends, can you believe that my dummy of a dad doesn’t know about mashums?
Daycare buddy 2: Seriously? How humiliating for him.
Daycare buddy 1: And embarrassing for you, I’m afraid to say.
Son: Tell me about it. I hope he learns…before it’s too late.


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